State Mission

State of Disarray is dedicated to dressing party people and performers in the most awesome attire available in a field. Our ‘State Emporium’ tours the best alternative UK music festivals to indulge your desire to dress-up. Feel fabulous on the dance-floor dressed in State of Disarrays’ handmade, limited-edition clothing and costumes for an utterly liberating, party of a lifetime.

This is a celebration of imagination, spun into outrageous festival fashion.

Welcome to the reckless fashion revolution! Your futures’ looking sparkly!

State Collections

State of Disarray creates new collections each season.

Visit the ‘State Zoo’ for some disco animal costume action.

Tumble into the ‘State Circus’ for tantalizing tailcoats and tribal textiles.

Flounce around in flirtatious ‘State Finery’, tailored tweed with a Westwood twist.

Step into ‘State Uniform’, inspired by vintage military garments.

Pop into the ‘State Playroom’ and pick up a pro-level party-wear Playsuit.

Jump into the ‘State Jungle’ and show off your safari skills in a super slinky, animal print cat-suit.

See the universe reflected in your spandex when you strut into the ‘State Disco’ for limited edition leggings, leotards and dancewear with a difference.

Strap on your rocket packs for 2014, for more from the sell-out collection ‘State Space Series’ as State of Disarray does future-retro, dressing for tomorrow…yesterday

Head of State

Tabitha Green (aka: Captain Disarray)

Credentials: BA Textiles: Goldsmiths College, University of London

State HQ: Hanoi, Vietnam

Ten years (and a bit) since Graduating, The Captain continues to craft her way through life. A passion for travel, fashion and a relentless desire to dress up, has inspired a lifetime as a fashion designer and costume maker.

Frustrated by the feeling that she should define her look and focus on one form of fashion alone, The Captain decided to embrace her eclectic of style, and in 2012 she declared herself the ‘Head of State’ and Disarray transformed from a state of mind into a fashion statement.

State Ethics

All designs are created by the Captain and individually handmade by her and her three fellow tailors, in Hanoi Vietnam.  As a maker herself the captain is involved in all aspects of production, working closely in the studio and at the homes of her tailors to create high quality, fair-trade fashion from the future.

It’s an excellent cultural exchange, sharing skills and developing ideas. Everyone’s always excited to see what they’ll be working on next.

For traditional textiles the Captain goes straight to the source, taking trips to the mountain markets of Vietnam.  Her favourite destination is a secret location somewhere south of China – it’s an exhilarating four day journey through treacherous mountain passes but buying here cuts out the middle man and ensures the maker is directly rewarded for the true value of their work.

State Cavalry


State of Disarray is proud to shout about all the amazing disco sparkle superstars who have supported the reckless fashion revolution so far. Incredible friends have shown amazing dedication to Disarray, sharing their skills for the love of glitter and good times.

Thank you Mega Crew of Muchness, the Captain salutes you!

State Photography

Copyright Green Land Photography

State Salon

Freckle-eye faces

Hair and Make-up

Amber Childs